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Great managers constantly evolve and continually learn. Management training courses provide hands-on learning opportunities for business professionals to develop inherent talents, while also building a healthy business foundation, potentially furthering opportunities in the workplace.

Hands-On Management Training Sharpens Skills
Typical business courses that enrich management careers include:

• Fundamentals of Business, including business writing and report generation
• Computer Systems Training
• Accounting
• Business Finance
• Principles of Marketing
• Human Resources

Characteristics of Successful Managers
Business students working with teacher in classroomMany business managers have inherent talents. Management training enables those professionals to further develop skill sets that contribute to the success of their respective businesses.

While many college students consider finance and marketing courses important, most working mid-level professionals find that learning to lead, inspire and train fellow workers to be actually more important.

Some of the important characteristics of managers include:

• Fluency in business fundamentals
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong leadership ability
• Great customer service skills
• Dependability, accountability and integrity

How Management Training Hones a Manager's Skill Set
Business professionals with honed management skills are at the helm of each successful business, running them like well-oiled machines. Four general areas where working managers often seek personal improvement include:

1. Fundamentals of business such as effective writing techniques, report generation and computer systems training provide managers with a comprehensive background on business basics. These skills and practices are used daily, essentially serving as the backbone of knowledge for successful professionals.

2. Accounting and finance courses provide historical perspective to managers, along with the "how" and the "where to" for flourishing businesses. Understanding the pulse of a business' balance sheet allows managers to predict, expand and be nimble to market changes.

3. Marketing and sales knowledge benefits managers in two ways: a) thoughtful, effective promotion of goods and services and b) understanding the importance of providing excellent customer care. These tools are invaluable to business growth.

4. Human resource training is crucial since managers are responsible for hiring great people. Employees are one of the most important assets within a company because, without people, the company cannot succeed. Hands-on management training teaches business professionals to effectively manage personnel dynamics, creating a win-win for the company.

Career Opportunities for Successful Business Managers
Behind every successful business is an adept business manager. Common career opportunities for managers include:

• Advertising, Marketing and Sales Managers
• Computer and Information Systems Managers
• Construction Managers
• Education Administrators
• Financial Managers
• Human Resources and Labor Relations Managers
• Medical and Health Services Managers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these management opportunities are expected to grow faster than average and job prospects are projected to be excellent. In particular, Human Resources management employment opportunities are projected to grow much faster than average; expected growth between 2010 and 2020 is 22 percent.

Advanced training from a good local or online management school or class can contribute to increased workplace success for business managers, honing important skill sets that are the foundation for a flourishing business.

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